People’s Daily demands rectification of parody Twitter account (UPDATED)

Sometimes Chinese state-run media do something so tone-deaf, so ham-fisted, that you wonder if you’ve accidentally been reading the Onion. Like they apparently do. Enter the tweet below.

Some background on this beauty: The Relevant Organs is a parody Twitter account that tweets in the collective voice of the Chinese Communist Party. It’s been running since 2010, and it’s absolutely hilarious in its skewering of Chinese officialdom, Western views of China, and everything in between. Not sure who’s behind it, but guessing a former China journalist(s) who’s amazing at dinner parties.

The People’s Daily, meanwhile, which lists itself on Twitter as “the largest newspaper group in China,” somehow forgetting to mention the whole “directly controlled by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China” thing, seems to have just now discovered the existence of the Relevant Organs. And they are not happy.

It’s a bit unclear from their tweet whether they understand that the Relevant Organs is a parody account. But, let’s not let understanding get in the way of humorless demands that make you an object of ridicule.

China watchers, meanwhile, reacted to the People’s Daily’s demands with both glee and disbelief. But the question remains: what will the Relevant Organs say? UPDATED: And the Relevant Organs have spoken.

UPDATED: Additional snarkery from China watchers who were asleep when this initially went down. For once, the time difference worked in favor of those of us on the wrong side of the Earth.

Original reax tweets:


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